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Single mom, 3 kids ages 3, 7, and 11. Has a decent job, making $15/hr., but has to work 50-60 hours a week to be able to afford rent, utilities, car payment, gas, food, clothes, daycare & afterschool care. The father of her children refuses to pay child support. She makes too much money to qualify for government assistance programs, but not enough to make ends meet. She cries herself to sleep at night because she's stressed to the max and chooses to feed her kids instead of herself. Is there anyone listening to her prayers? Is there anyone who can help her?

As well as...

Dad works his heart out every day as a laborer, but his wife and mother to his kids is very sick and can't work due to her mounting health problems. They have 2 teenage kiddos -13 & almost 15. They live in a rental with a landlord that refuses to fix anything in the house, they have one car, and a dog. He would love to be able to provide his daughter a car for her 16th birthday, but that's nothing but a dream. Then his boss comes to him and let's him know that he is going to be laid off due to cutbacks and lack of work. On his way home, he screams out to God "Are you listening? Do you see? Is there anyone who can help?" Within 2 weeks, he will not be able to afford the rent coming up, and this family will possibly be forced to live in their car.

We've also heard this story...

Elderly couple-ages 72 & 78. Their house is paid for, but they still have utilities and taxes to pay. Not to mention food and medicine. They make a combined income from social security of $1,500. Taxes are $2,100 a year ($175 a month). Their medicine is $500, Electric & water are $400 a month, their phone bill is $100, Fuel is $125, Insurance for home and car is $150. They just found out that the government has cut their income by $200 due to previous overpayments. They know God is their provider and sustainer. He always has been. But it would be such a blessing if they knew someone could help fill in the gaps.

These are the stories that we hear every day at Harvest House, and we are able to help many-but not all. We can't continue our mission without others coming along side us to support our efforts.

Would you be willing to partner with us to help meet the needs in our community?